Yra, Asko och Immer

Welcome to our site!

It’s nice to see that even foreign visitors find their way here. Unfortunately I only write in Swedish but here follows a short presentation of me and my dogs in English.


My name is Anna, I live in Linköping about 200 kilometres south of Stockholm. I work as a farm advisor for dairyfarmers and have a Master of Science in Animal husbandry. I spend a lot of time with my dogs, training and competing in agility and freestyle.


My family bought our first västgotaspets 1990 when I was twelve and since then I’m stuck with this breed. They come in a handy size but have no problem to go for long walks or run an agility course. A vallhund is eager to work but they have a will of their own, so you have to find out what motivates them to work with you.


Yra was born in November 2000. She is after Grålötens Alva Alvedon and Fennican Sir Alexander. Yra competes in agility and freestyle. She has one agility certificate and one jump certificate. She is so far the only vallhund in Sweden who has the title FSD 1 – freestyle diploma in class 1, which means that she has three results over 80 points (maximum point is 100) in freestyle class 1. Yra and her agility team "Vrooom" won a silver medal at the Swedish Agility Championship team competition in June 2010!


Asko was born in March 2005. He is after Chipsmakers Ragnhild Larsson and Grålötens Vandra Vidare. Asko competes in agility and will hopefully also start in freestyle and obedience. He was the first vallhund in Sweden to gain the title Swedish Agility Champion  (SE AgCh) on 13 September 2009.


Immer was born in April 2010. He is after Askos sister Chipsmakers Älva Grå and Viktor. Immer is supposed to be my new "star" on the agility course. So far I am very pleased with him and it will be very interesting to se how he developes.


The site is updated every now and then, usually after weekends. Take a look at pictures and videos under “bild/film”. You are most welcome to write a line in the guestbook “gästbok” after visiting the site – it is always nice to see who has been here.


If you wish to contact me, please send an e-mail to anna.jarander @ post.utfors.se

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